Cleanliness Commitment

Coastal Linen Supply assures our customers (renters, homeowners, rental agents, etc.) that our laundering process disinfects what we wash.  Using professional laundry equipment, detergents, and processes, what we wash is cleaner than home or laundromat washing.  We call it “Cleaner than Clean”.

Historically, bedding provided by the homeowner (bedspreads, blankets, mattress protectors, etc.) are not washed between each tenant turnover.  Given our collective “new normal”, we recommend each vacationer check with their point-of-contact for their vacation home to make sure any bedding provided by the landlord has been laundered after the previous tenant.

If anyone needs help deciding how to handle bedding at a vacation home, we are available to help.  Feel free to pass our information along.

Thank you!  Have a safe and enjoyable stay here at the shore!

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