Belgian Linen Rental Terms


Payment of your invoice acknowledges your agreement to the following rental terms:

Our Belgian linen sheets & towels are expensive.  Therefore, a fully refundable $250 security deposit will be added to your invoice when renting these items.

Care instructions will be included with your linen delivery.

In order to make refunding your security deposit easier, orders including our Belgian linen sheets or towels must be paid for over the phone.  We will work hard to make this as convenient as possible.

Your linen sheets & towels are delivered in their own, separate linen laundry bag.  Please use the linen laundry bag to return your linens.  You can put the linen laundry bag inside the standard laundry bag before putting the bags out for pick up.

Coastal Linen Supply will check to make sure all linen items are in the bag.  Once it’s determined all items are returned and undamaged, your security deposit will be returned.

We launder the Belgian linen sheets & towels separately from our standard line of sheets & towels.  If a Belgian linen item gets laundered with our standard items because it was not in the linen laundry bag, it will be ruined (due to the difference in detergents & water temperature) and we will deduct the replacement cost from your security deposit.

The refundable portion of your security deposit will be refunded to your credit card within 7 days of your departure.

The replacement cost for missing or damaged Belgian linen items is as follows:

Bed Sheet (any size, flat or fitted) $250
Pillowcase (only orderable in pairs) $150
Bath Sheet $175
Hand Towel $85
Washcloth (only orderable in pairs) $50
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