Homeowners / Agents / mangers

Coastal Linen Supply recognizes a homeowner’s, rental agent’s, or property manager’s reputation is on the line (along with the online reviews of the home) with every aspect of your tenant’s rental experience, this includes the linen service you recommend.

Whether you provide linens for your tenants through our service or refer your tenants directly to us, it is our intention to earn your trust with every order we fulfill.

We offer homeowners/agents/managers a discount with a minimum of 5 deliveries to an address.  We can provide an e-postcard to pass along to your tenants, making it easy to give them the information they need to arrange linen service themselves.

If you have any questions or need to customize a delivery and pick-up plan, don’t hesitate to call or email.

If you refer our service to your tenants, feel free to let us know.  Having an open channel of communication is not frequently needed but super helpful when it is.

Coastal Linen Supply provides vacation linen rental service to Ocean, Monmouth & Atlantic counties.  From Monmouth Beach to Margate, we’ve got your beds covered!


Turnover Laundry Service 

Under the name Coastal Laundry Service, we offer turnover laundry service.

We will pick up homeowner laundry (bedspreads, blankets, mattress pads, etc.) used by tenants, launder those items in our professional laundry facility, and return them to you before the next weekend.

This service is currently available only in Ocean & southern Monmouth counties.


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